Studio C is particularly suited to mix sessions and music production requiring additional equipment or overdubs, with its 10m2 booth 

Studio C is one of the two studios on the top floor at Metropolis. Built around a 72 channel Neve VR console; it is fitted with PMC main monitoring. The control room (55m2), which looks out into the atrium and enjoys natural daylight, is particularly suited to mix sessions involving a lot of additional equipment with its large worktop area (6m2) behind the mix position. At the back of the room is an overdub booth (10m2), ideal for percussion, vocals or guitars. The control room has been designed with a machine bay that will accommodate up to three multitrack machines and is positioned to allow for full visibility of all DAW systems and/or multitrack metering from the console. Studio C has been responsible for the recording of a plethora of albums winning multiple Grammys over the years.

To book a studio or for any further information, please contact the Studios Team on (+44) 0208 742 1111 or email us at




  • Neve VR 72 Channel Console with Flying Faders v3.1 Automation
  • Pro Tools 12 HDX
  • Prism ADA-8/ADA-8x Convertors (24 inputs and 56 outputs)
  • PMC BB5/XBD Active Main Monitoring System
  • Yamaha NS10
  • Nearfield monitors (subject to availability); , Unity Audio Rock, Focal Twin 6 BE, Genelec 8351a, Adams S3X-H, ProAc Studio 100, Acoustic Energy AE22, Genelec 1031a, Auratone 5c
  • Bryston and Quad Amplifiers
  • Emagic Unitor 8 MIDI interface
  • Overdub Booth


Outboard Including

  • Al Smart C1 Stereo Compressor
  • DBX 160 Compressor (x2)
  • Drawmer DS-201 Gates
  • Empirical Labs Distressors EL8-X (with British Mode) (x2)
  • Manley Stereo “Vari-MU” Limiter Compressor
  • Neve 33609
  • Prism Maselec MLA-2
  • Tube Tech CL-1A
  • Urei 1176 Silver Face (x3)
  • GML 8200
  • Prism Maselec MEA-2
  • Pultec EQH 2 (x2)
  • Pultec MEQ 5 (x2)
  • Summit EQ-F100
  • AMS RMX-16
  • Bel Flanger
  • Bricasti M7
  • EMT 244 Reverb
  • Eventide H3000 D/SE
  • Lexicon 480L
  • Lexicon 224X
  • Lexicon PCM 70
  • Plate Reverbs (available on request)
  • Roland DimD
  • Roland SDE-3000
  • T.C. Electronics 2290 Digital Delay
  • T.C. Electronics M5000
  • Yamaha REV 5
  • Yamaha SPX 900 Multi FX